Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Chat with the Natalies 10/18 @

In conjunction with the Washington Post's "Being a Black Man" series, we will be discussing "Deconstructing Tyrone" during a live chat. The live part of the chat won't begin until noon Oct. 18 but you can log in now to submit questions. As you can see from the Book Tour calendar to the left of this page, we also kick off our national book tour next week. First stop: Los Angeles. If you know people in any of these cities, please send these links on so they can also join the conversation. If you have other suggestions for places for us to talk about Tyrone, send those, too. We can't wait to get things started!

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ncleonard said...

Hi Natalies,

Sorry that I missed the Post chat. I'm thrilled to hear about the new book and look forward to meeting you at Vertigo next weekend.

Natalie H., I've been a silent supporter since the controversial 2001 Post article and have been eager to hear more from you. I'm a neighbor, I suppose--R Street, Eckington--and it seems like you're telling my story. My husband and I moved to the area in 2000 with high hopes for a future here. And while my commitment to this area has wavered at times, mostly in the context of what the neighborhood can or rather cannot offer my 3-year-old child, we are still here (my husband's dedication to this area has never diminished by the way). We have wonderful neighbors, a house that we love, dedicated neighborhood activists, and, as important, no daily commute.

As you did, we are currently making the rounds at elementary school open houses. Admittedly, we never gave DC public schools serious consideration, but your positive experiences at Hearst have inspired me to do more homework.

Your stories are encouraging. Keep sharing.