Friday, September 01, 2006

Parenting a la Hip-Hop

So I had just dropped off my 1st grade son at his D.C. public elementary school this morning, and who did I see doing the same but Asheru himself. His ears musta been burning because his name was just on my lips no more than 2 weeks ago when I finally realized that it was him rhyming the theme song to Aaron McGruder's Boondock animated show on cable. I first met Asheru in 99' or 2000 when I published an article in the Post about D.C.'s innovative Hip-Hop scene and he was with Unspoken Heard. We (and hip-hop!) are truly growing up when we run into each other in school parking lots dropping off our youngins! This is one of the many paradoxes that we explore in the book in the chapter "Raising Tyrone" which looks at the challenges of being HIp-Hop Generation parents trying to raise our black boys with some sense while still keeping it real and true to the culture we grew up in. I think we're on our way. Asheru gave me the CD of the official mixtape related to the Boondocks. I listened to it on the way back to campus and it is hot to death! Can't wait to meet Mrs. Asheru at the first PTA meeting next week!

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