Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Where's Huey and Co.?

He hasn't officially said it, but it appears as if the Boondock's is not coming back as a comic strip. Universal Syndicate made an announcement that told newspapers not to expect the biting strip back on its pages.
We love Aaron McGruder even though his TV show on the Cartoon Network can be a bit sexist toward women with episodes like "Guess Ho's Coming to Dinner" or intent on going over the top just because. Still, we've read the strip since it debuted in 1999. Here's hoping that he can maintain his satirical wit on television and that he changes his mind about the strip, which had shaken up the sometimes stale funnies.
Some folks are wondering if he's pulling a Dave Chappelle and you can't escape the parallels. We have The Man, leeching money, but yet smilingly insisting, "we love this black man and he can take as long as he needs before coming back to work." Also, Chappelle's dancing v. shuffling existential query has plagued the Boondocks since it debuted on cable. We discussed the premiere episode at the college campus where I teach. One of my favorite students, a white male, commented to me after class that he didn't care for the show. "He uses the word 'nigger' too much," he told me. Ordinarily, I would have responded to that statement by taking off my earrings and breaking out the vaseline, tenure be damned. But my student was just recounting what he had no doubt heard on countless hip-hop recordings, now on national TV. Clearly some of these youngins have not received the memo about non-black use of the word...So what could I say? Hey A-dub, thanksssssssssss

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Joe said...

I'd been wondering why Boondocks, over the last few months seemed to have been redrawn with the original scripts.
Deja vu and all that.