Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The B-word

This photo was taken before a DT event at Illinois Service Federal, one of the oldest black banks in Chicago. In this shot, Nat M. is assuring Ty Andrews, the bank's incredulous assistant V.P. that it is totally OK if he reads the word "bitch"-- out loud-- while he introduced us. Caution is always advised when dealing with that word, but in this case, Bitch is a magazine that has published Nat M.'s work. We always get a kick out of watching people squirm when reading that part of her bio.

Maven, Nat. H's 3-year-old (and Nat. M's goddaughter) came along for this leg of the DT tour in Chicago. She was in good spirits at the bank Friday night--despite dealing with three cancelled flights in one week (#%^$@!@! airlines!). She took her job of handing us the books to sign very seriously. But Maven wasn't feeling well at the next day's DT lecture at Englewood library for the Public Square, part of the Illinois Humanities Council's "Know More" series. She curled up in mommy's lap and slept throughout the lecture and Q&A that followed.


Tyrone Malone said...

Wassup, Y'all!

My bad for missin' the Chicago leg of your world book tour. Dang! I was lookin' forward to comparing notes and maybe signing a few autographs alongside you cerebral shortys :-)

Best of luck with the book tho you didn't have to bust out my flow quite so publically!


Unknown said...

tyrone!! *Natalies chuckling* thanks for the shout on your blog--and for inspiring our book(; We will be back in town April 26 for a conference at the Univ. of Chicago we will be reuniting with the filmmaker Byron Hurt for a panel discussion.... We will add that to the events section of the blog shortly. Hope to see you there!

Rainha Diana said...

Laughing out Loud!! He was scared to say the "B" word!!! Hi Nat M. It's morgan, nikia's niece sorry i never got back to you on the book but it was great!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!